Tuesday, October 21, 2008

That There's Some Good Songwritin'

To the tune of "The Bonnie Blue Flag"

The Homespun Dress
(ascribed to Carrie Bell Sinclair)

Oh, yes, I am a Southern girl,
And glory in the name,
And boast it with far greater pride
Than glittering wealth or fame.
We envy not the Northern girl,
Her robes or beauty rare,
Though diamonds grace her snowy neck,
And pearls bedeck her hair.

cho: Hurrah! Hurrah!
For the sunny South so dear;
Three cheers for the homespun dress
The Southern ladies wear.

The homespun dress is plain, I know,
My hat's palmetto, too;
But then it shows what Southern girls
For Southern rights will do.
We have sent the bravest of our land
To battle with the foe,
And we will lend a helping hand
We love the South, you know.

Now, Northern goods are out of date;
And since old Abe's blockade,
We Southern girls can be content
With goods that's Southern made.
We sent our sweethearts to the war
But dear girls, never mind,
Your soldier-love will ne'er forget
The girl he left behind.

The soldier is the lad for me ---
A brave heart I adore;
And when the sunny South is free,
And fighting is no more,
I'll choose me then a lover brave
From out the gallant band,
The soldier lad I love the best
Shall have my heart and hand.

The Southern land's a glorious land,
And has a glorious cause;
Then cheer three cheers for Southern rights
And for the Southern boys.
We scorn to wear a bit or silk,
A bit of Northern lace;
But make our homespun dresses up,
And wear them with such grace.

And now, young man, a word to you;
If you would win the fair,
Go to the field where honor calls,
And win your lady there.
Remember that our brightest smiles
Are for the true and brave,
And that our tears are all for those
Who fill a soldier's grave.


Anonymous said...

Very good songwriting! I have never heard this before and want to say Thanks for Sharing...

Sue S (RI)

Jess said...

Thanks for givin' a comment!

Stephen Boyd said...

Hello Jess.

Wow! Great blog! It's always great to meet another Southern-Agrarian-Bluegrass-player on the blogosphere!

This is one of my favorite War for Southern Independence era songs. I first heard it on Bobby Horton's Homespun Songs of the Confederacy, Vol.1.

Keep up the good work!

Jess said...

At fist I didn't realize that blogging could be used in such a way as this, or that there were other folks out there like me, but oh, how I had erred!

I think I need to invest in some of Bobby Horton's CD's. Believe it or not, I have none!!

Thank you for commenting!

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Hello!! I just found your blog through our stat counter. :) I am glad you enjoy our blog! How did you find it? :)
I love "The Homespun Dress"! As with Mr. Boyd, we first heard it through a Bobby Horton cd.
We have some friends who competed in the Georgia State Fiddler's Conpetition-The Whiddons. It sounds like a grand contest!
Anyway, I have enjoyed looking through your blog! Keep up the great blogging. :)

Jess said...

Actually, I can't remember how I found yall's blog. :)

Yes, the Fiddler's Convention is grand!! One day I'll compete. One day. I might be twenty-five and have five young'uns before I'm that good, but oh well.

Thanks so much for visitin'!!

Nana and Dedad said...

I just laughted myself silly!!! You are a great blogger. Has anyone ever told you, you would make a great Southern Journalist? We look forward to your next post, keep up the great work.

Jess said...

I know ya'll meant to leave that comment on the Kart post. :)

Thank you!!

I had fun Saturday...well,until Josh crashed.

Love ya'll!!!