Friday, January 23, 2009

Jenny Git Yer Hoecake

Or Jessie git yer Johnny cake.

Have you ever tried one? Ohhh, man.

Now, if you feel up to it, try making these. I know some people might be intimidated by this recipe because it does not contain some of the measurements, but that's the fun of it! Here it is:

Johnny Cake in rhyme

Two cups Indian, one cup wheat;
One cup good eggs that you can eat.
Ohe-half cup molasses too,
One big spoon sugar added thereto;
Salt and soda, each a small spoon.
Mix it up quickly and bake it soon.

Now, only one hint. "Indian" refers to cornmeal.

All right. But what about Ash Cake, Journey Cake, Hunter's Cake, and Hoe cake you're asking. Well, let me give you those.

Journey cake is the same as Johnny cake.

Hoe cake is made like Johnny cake, but with butter, and cooked on a good, greased hoe over hot coals.

Hunter's cake is made as hoe cake, but with a pinch of baking soda. It is baked on a board near the fire.

Ash cake is a little more specific--
2 cups cornmeal 1/3 cup of butter
1 cup buttermilk 1 tsp. salt
3/4 tsp. soda

Batter is dropped onto the hearth. Once a crust forms on the dough, it is covered with ashes and hot coals, and is baked for another 15-20 minutes.

Now, I love Johnny cake. My siblings like it too. I just wouldn't go serving Johnny cakes at a potluck supper. Someone might think you had a disaster with a batch of big cookies. They just wouldn't understand. :)

I do put butter on Makayla's

For these recipes and more, I recommend the book by Barbara Swell,
Log Cabin Cooking. Children at the Hearth is also a pretty good one.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday

To a man whose memory will never die. To a man who loved. To a man who knew honor. To a man who knew his duty. To a man who loved the LORD. To a man who stood strong.

Happy Birthday, Sir.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

What Happens on a Saturday...

Here is what Coley, Makayla, and I did for fun today (Despite freezing temperatures).
Forgive my roosters, they can't seem to hush.

Hope you enjoy!!

Maybe I've just been watching too many old westerns lately. :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

A Little Child's Way

Makayla was just getting out of the tub.

'Jess, c'mere and look, thar's water on the floor.'

Now, we are very careful about not getting any water on the floor, because we recently had new hardwood floors put in, so she was concerned. I came in, and she pointed back behind the toliet.


I looked closer, and it was just from condensation that had formed on the pipes, and a little had dripped on the floor. I told her it was fine, took a towel, and dried it up.

Well, being a homeschooler, she knew about condensation, and being a Southerner, she knows about humidity. So this is what she said trying to combine both words.

'Must just be humiliation.'

I just walked out of the room with a big smile.

Oh the joy of little siblings!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Garden Planning

Yeee-haaaaw! I am so ready to get started! This is the time of year I get all fired up and start planning and preparing my garden.

All right-- before I begin, let me say a word. In my opinion my garden is small. Some folks may think it is large compared to their 4x4 plot, some folks may laugh and think it is as tiny as a fairy's garden compared to their 2 acre plot. Whatever you think, well, that is what you think. But however small my garden may be, it is still preparing me for something bigger. I have learned so much, and, ya know, ya have to start somewhere. :) I will be posting quite often about the garden, especially come March, April, and May. :)

OK--here come my plans.

Oh, "DS beside a variety or plant stands for "Direct sow" and "SI" stands for "sow indoors"--at least that is what I use. :)

Proposed Garden Plans--2009

Beans (DS)
-Bush beans
-Black-eyed peas

Cucumber (DS)

Eggplant (SI)

Melon (DS)

Okra (DS)

Peppers (SI)
-Bell purple
-Bell white

Squash (DS)
-Patty Pan
-A few new hybrids

Maters (SI)

Herbs (SI) and (DS)
-Basil (Lemon, sweet, Genovese)
-Mint (spearmint and peppermint)
-Evening Primrose
-St. John's Wort


I have ordered most of my seeds, but there are a few I am still looking for. It can get hard finding all the varieties you want if you are only looking for organic. The best site I have found with the largest selection is Peaceful Valley ( Their own organic seeds were fairly priced, and I got a good discount, but their "Seeds of Change" organic seeds were expensive. If anybody knows of any other sites I could look into, I'd love to hear about it. :)

As soon as my orders arrive, I'll be starting my eggplants. Yay!

Feels So Right...

You know that feeling...
When you wake up, knowing that you are loved. The sun seems brighter, the birds are singin louder, and Mama's smile is even lovlier.

Today I turned 18 years old. Most kids, once they turn this age, are so excited about being an adult. They use it as an excuse to spend more time away from their families.
Now that is sad.

I had the best birthday a girl could ask for.
It started last night. Makayla and I stayed up late watching old movies. Then we woke up late this morning and all headed up to Helen. We had a wonderful time, but my favorite place was the old Sautee general store. They had some great antiques, and the building was beautiful.

The trip was nice, but what I am most thankful for is my family. I am so blessed to have spent 18 years of my life with the most wonderful people in the world. God is so good!