Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"and Spring arose on the garden fair..."

"Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn." ~Lewis Grizzard
Today marks the first day of spring. I love it when the vernal equinox occurs. I thank the Lord for the changing of the seasons. The beauty of distinction. The beginning of new life. Everywhere.
Sunshine makes me overwhelmingly happy. We have been getting a lot of it lately. Between that, and the lessons the Lord has been patiently teaching me lately...well, I have no reason not to be happy. I could go on for anon about all the things I have learned in just the past few weeks....even the past several days. But I will spare that and leave it at this. Forgive. To love is to forgive. Step forward. Don't be afraid of the unknown. Trust God. Love people. See them as individuals. Pray. Praise. Call on the name of Jesus and praise Him for His redemptive power. Be still and know He is God. See the miraculous in the common. Dance if you are happy. And always notice the butterflies.
Because of some things that took place in the last few weeks, because of Scripture the Lord led me to, because of wisdom shared in an inductive study, because I finally opened my eyes for the first time in a long time and saw the true beauty of the Gospel. Because the Lord finally took my hand and said.... "Jessi. I gotcha."
My little heart swells with love for my Savior.
Spring is a beautiful season. It promises new life. New beginnings. New growth. Possibilities. Sunshine. Blue-sky days.
"And Spring arose on the garden fair, Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere; And each flower and herb on Earth's dark breast rose from the dreams of its wintry rest." ~Percy Bysshe Shelley
Praise God.
From Whom all blessings flow.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Sparrow

I have been long in writing another post on this blog. Partly because I have been busy. ((very busy)) Partly because I have been unmotivated to write. Partly because I have been depressed lately. Not depressed as in boo-hoo. But depressed in the sense of negative thoughts and the feeling that screams in your face "what on earth are you gonna do with your life!" Feeling empty. Feeling unloved. Un led. Weary of doing. Spinning wheels and getting what seems like nowhere.
I am tired. I have seventeen too many irons in the fire. Maybe even more. Last growing season I completely over-extended myself and my mind and body had to pay the dues. I wanted this growing season to be different. To be better. For me to be a better steward of time and sleep and gardens.
It's March now. March. Last year this time I was filled with expectancy. Expecting great things. Expecting a great year. I was filled with a joyful fervor that all who knew me could sense. I was excited about planting, about springtime, about the markets, and about whatever wonderful things a Georgia summer might bring. Magical things happen when the world is green and the weather warm.
This year I am not feeling that way. There is far less excitement. Even less expectancy. I feel like I am no farther that I was last season. I feel like I have no direction.
I feel like a tent in a wind storm that has not a single corner tied down.
I went out to the woods this morning. I sat and talked a moment with my True Lover. I told Him I want a future. I said God please help me and let me see. Lead me down the path you want me to take. He gently lifted my face towards the sun that was filtering through the trees. He reminded me that He holds my future. Even though I can't see it. I know He can. Even though I'm scared. He does not intend me to be. He asked if I could trust Him. I said I was scared. He wants me to trust Him. With my future. I told Him I am a fragile human being, weakened by a formerly broken heart, and undeserving of His blessing. I said I wanted to. He said He wanted me to. It was then that my mind went immediately to the cross. He died for me. He loved me that much. He has already taken care of my future. I have a future with Him. Why would I not trust my earthly future to Him? Perhaps one may think it petty to trust God with things concerning gardens, finances, education, and husband to a God that deals with things spiritual. I think not. He covers me with His feathers. He will take care of me. I am not alone. He will lift my head when I am down cast. He will kiss my cheek by showing me a butterfly when I feel alone. He will bring me flowers by allowing the sunflowers to bloom this summer. I am His daughter.
And even though everything within me aches and yearns for so much more. For love. For a future. I will remember. The same God that allows not a single sparrow to fall to the ground without His notice....HE will lead me into a blessed future. He is my Savior. He is my Love. He is my Everything. His eye is on the sparrow.....and I know He is watching me.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Even an Old Chair

I had completely gutted my room. And when I say "gutted", I mean, in every sense of that word. Stuff was all over my bed, my floor, I had a big trashbag full of nothin' but junk. My head was beginning to hurt. Every drawer had been emptied, re-organized, and put back together. Every corner was dusted. My closet, oh my closet. It was straightened up. All my clothes were in perfect order.....skirts, shirts, jeans, exercise clothes....very good. My desk was cleared off, my papers & notebooks put in proper places. I don't know exactly what sparked the desire for me to revamp my living quarters, but, being the passionate person I am....well, it got 'hold of me and didn't let go until I was done. It took two evenings for me to completely finish it. When I got done with this rather large undertaking, I realized that I needed a chair. I have a wonderful desk in my room that my talented Dedad built. I love that desk. However, I have always just pulled a chair in from the computer room when I wanted to sit at it. My poor desk was chairless. I looked at my newly happy room, and looked at my poor desk. Yeah, it was certain. No more computer chairs for that desk. He needed a constant companion. I have always loved antiques, and while looking upon this lonely desk, I envisioned the perfect old, rickety chair for it. This chair I saw in my mind, I have seen many times at different antique stores and such. It would look perfect. As my thought process goes, I began considering when I could get to an antique store to look for it. I needed to go to Athens for a few errands on Friday....maybe I could stop by that little antique store...oh where is it?....oh yeah, right off of 78....little ways down on Atlanta Highway.....hmmm...but then again....IF I happen to find my chair....it would be much too expensive I am sure....that store probably does charge high prices....well, then again, it's not hurting anything to take a look....and if it's no more than...say...twenty bucks..then I'd buy it. Yep I'm going. I'll take a chance. I pulled into the drive of the antique store. I swung my legs out of my old Chevy and made my way to the door. Whoa. Why had I never been here before!? Spread out before me was a huge warehouse with nothing but antiques. I was in heaven. I contained the squeal of delight that attempted to make it's way into the dimly lit store. Whoa. I began slowly perusing the different booths; absolutely inhaling the beauty of some of those items. I came to the third or fourth booth. Whoa. What's that? Whoa. There it is. That's exactly what I had in mind. That's totally my chair! I hunted for the price tag. $20.00 $200? NO. $20. Seriously? Whoa. That is my chair! I gently took off the plates and dishcloths that made their temporary homes on my chair and swiftly took it to the check-out counter. I really, really felt like squealing. I truly felt like my Father was smiling at me. He thought He would send me a simple blessing that day. I really felt special. It made me so happy. Maybe it's silly to be so giddy over an old chair. Well, I am. But even more than that old chair, I am so happy to know that my True Lover thinks of me so often. That He would delight in giving me a special gift like that. Even an old chair.
I think it looks gorgeous.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DIY: earring holder

I love my earrings. I have one favorite necklace that I wear all the time (it was my great-grandmother's), I have a special bracelet my sister gave me, and of course my promise ring. I'm good with that. But earrings, I believe, you can never have enough of. There are just too many. So many different kinds and styles. I am very picky about mine, and yet I still have a wide assortment. And each set has a story. I know where each pair came from. It's the truth. I just love my earrings. =) I had a problem though. I had so many crammed into one tiny dish on my dresser, that it took me forever to find the matches sometimes. I decided I needed some kind of earring holder or jewelry tree or something... I searched online for something.....I checked Anthropologie (which they did have some nice ones!), and a few other sources. I just didn't feel like paying a whole bunch of money for something so doggone simple. I logged onto Pinterest and searched for ideas..... I got some. =) I could have made several different types, but I finally settled on the simplest, and continued in my endeavors. I went to wally world and bought a cheap frame, along with a spool of some cream-colored, cotton lace from the craft department. I got home, took my goods to my brother's shed, and set to work. Gutted the frame to where I just had the wooden part, and simply nailed the strands of lace where I wanted them to go. Super easy and fun. Of course, the best part was when my sister and I got to place all of my neat pairs in their places on the holder. Looks real purty, I think. =)
Well girls, what are you waiting for? Go get to work on one! I promise you will love it! =)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Look Back and Smile...

I wanted to do a short little post about last year in review. I wanted to look back and count my blessings and see all the adventures I had and all the memories my family shared. It was quite overwhelming looking at all the pictures we have taken since last January. It was amazing. So many good things I was blessed with. Good times and wonderful memories. All I can say is I am astounded by God's grace and goodness. Though it was quite a year indeed, well, it was quite a year indeed! I am going to post just a few of my favorite pictures from this past year. January 1st of last year was the day I went to pick up my best friend. That friend happened to be an 1985 Chevrolet pick-up truck. I named him Scottie and he has definitely proved to be a true pal.
Later in January I was blessed to go on a day trip with my good friend Lindsey to Helen. This was such a fun adventure, and the memories made were even better...hiking, trying on goofy hats, knocking over guardrails... I can't help but smile as my thoughts drift back to last January...
In February I got to go on another adventure. My friend Michelle and I drove all the way down to Perry for the rodeo. Oh goodness. This was one of the highlights of my winter. For a gardener, the winter can sometimes be a bit boring, but going to a rodeo is my kind of fun...
~ Winter finally passed, and Spring quietly came into my life... My heart thrilled with the thought of going outside and beginning to prepare dirt for the gardens...and so I did... There's something almost magical about the very first part of Spring. Like a world waking up from a restful silence.
Animals are very important to me. I was very happy at the blessing of little chicks (or Chickalees or Bitties, as I call them) that were hatched by my very own hens. They brought me more smiles than I can count...
Another critter we are often blessed with, of course, is the kitten...they always make me smile...
...as the days slowly (but all too quickly) passed, the garden began its endeavors...
Again, the days began passing, and it was time for more planting. My wonderful friend Elisha came over for a weekend adventure. Sweet memories of getting lost in Atlanta looking for Farmer D's, trying to fit seven million tomato seedlings into the back of my truck, lots of happy smiles, and getting our bare feet plenty dirty.
and the garden grew...
and the bitties grew...
Precious time was spent with the people I love. Siblings make me smile... and so do my grandparents....
and the garden grew...
One of my adventures of last year (and it's a long story) had to do with me, and one big ol' honkin' tiller. It makes me smile, and laugh, every time I sit and remember this... it whooped me.
and the garden grew...
The Statham Farmer's Market was definitely one of the highlights of my year. Every Saturday... getting there really early...setting up my table...talking with great folks...it truly was a huge blessing to my year, and quite often the very thing that helped me get through the tough times of my summer.
Our family was blessed yet again to go to Hilton Head, SC for our Summer vacation. Oh what fun we had!! Very precious memories...ridiculous amounts of laughter...and love like no other. So thankful for this time with my amzing family
and the kittens kept growing...
and so did the garden...
and God gave me flowers...
And as quickly as the Spring and Summer came, they left just as quickly....leaving with me so many memories and lessons. Autumn and Winter so far have been lovely. The weather hasn't been as cold as it usually is, and I have enjoyed that... Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's were so much fun!! Lot's of time with family and those I love so very much. 2011 seemed to go by so fast, and yet it seems so much of my life was wrapped up in that year. I look back and ponder all those things that took place, the leaps I took, the fears I faced, the blessings God gave, and I get lost in the nostalgia of it all. I smile at the family He has given me. I am blessed. I am loved. I am so thankful. Happy New Year everyone! Look back and smile on all the things that brought you joy last year. And may God bless 2012!!