Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Got to go Outside!

Oh my, oh my, oh my!!! What a beautiful day it was yesterday!

I have been inside recovering, and I can't really get around without my walker, (that's right folks--a walker--with tennis balls and everything) but yesterday I became adventurous. Well, my wonderful grandparents also encouraged me to, but I finally got to go outside and soak up some nice Autumn sun! I also got to play with the kittens and the few chickens I have left. I evaluated the garden plot, because as you all should know, I have garden fever to the extreme right now, and have only been able to plan on paper, which I love anyway, but yeah. Usually I do all the hoein' and tillin' and cultivatin' and rakin' leaves over the plot, and pourin' compost on the plot, and turnin' it in, and etc. Well, since I can't exactly tie myself and my walker to a tiller, Josh has been a huge help!! Praise God for big, strong brothers!

I had so much fun yesterday, although I really paid for it later, I was so spent and sore! Eh, it was well worth it!