Monday, June 21, 2010

Makes me so very HAPPY!!

Well folks, every one of my readers knows how ridiculously excited I am capable of getting over little things.

To me, they are big things! Such as harvesting the first few things from the garden.

I never really realized just how much I LOVE fried green maters til now.

I think I will be spending all day tomorrow snappin, blanchin, and puttin up beans.

I have a lot of squash. In fact, I gave some to the plumber that came over the other day--he was very happy. :)

and as soon as my maters and peppers are ready----shoo-weeeeee---LOOK OUT!!

Here are some yummy heirloom squash!

My sweet lil "Fairytale" eggplant

Heirloom Dragon Tongue beans!

Here's a few updated pictures of the garden.... :)

Hope everyone has enjoyed this beautiful first day of summer!!