Monday, June 21, 2010

Makes me so very HAPPY!!

Well folks, every one of my readers knows how ridiculously excited I am capable of getting over little things.

To me, they are big things! Such as harvesting the first few things from the garden.

I never really realized just how much I LOVE fried green maters til now.

I think I will be spending all day tomorrow snappin, blanchin, and puttin up beans.

I have a lot of squash. In fact, I gave some to the plumber that came over the other day--he was very happy. :)

and as soon as my maters and peppers are ready----shoo-weeeeee---LOOK OUT!!

Here are some yummy heirloom squash!

My sweet lil "Fairytale" eggplant

Heirloom Dragon Tongue beans!

Here's a few updated pictures of the garden.... :)

Hope everyone has enjoyed this beautiful first day of summer!!


nana said...

Beautiful post....loved all the pictures.

Maya'lee said...

Wow! Your produce looks delicious. The pictures are great! Thanks for sharing:-)


Proverbs 31 said...

Thanks for letting me help you out the other day, it was a piviledge to work with my BESTEST FRIEND EVAR :P Love you LOTS!!!!