Monday, July 12, 2010

Veggies fer sale...

I have had so much fun these past few weeks trying to market some of my produce in hopes of making some extra money. (after all, my chickens do have to eat. ;)

Last Saturday there was a market in High Shoals, a small community not too far from here. I must say I had a truly wonderful time and met some of the nicest folks!

The Lord has really blessed my garden this year, and I am so pleased and thankful.

I have also been going up to the General Store when time allows and setting up a table there. I am so blessed to live in a town that still has this!!!

Hope everyone has a splendid rest of the week!!


Tammy said...

Hi Dixie Girl,

I'm a Georgia girl too (born in Columbus, raised in Albany). My folks moved to Florida after 2nd grade. I moved to California 11 years ago when the husband God made for me finally found me! I miss GA/FL!

Just curious how big your garden is? And how do you keep critters out of your garden?

Your site is an inspiration. It's a blessing to see the reflection of God in you coming through your blog and website.

Jess said...


It's great to meet another native Georgian! My Daddy's family came from Albany too! Georgia is indeed a wonderful state!

If I had to guess, I would say my garden is about 40 x 70. (maybe smaller, maybe bigger)
Thankully the deer haven't been too big of a problem, and as far as rabbits and such go, I think my lab/border collie scares them away. ;) I try to use only companion planting when it comes to insect critters, and it helps a great deal.

Thank you for the sweet comment. I am so glad you enjoy the blog! =)
God bless!

Tammy said...

My yard garden is about 13 x 15. Like you, I have about ~15-20 large pots, containers, wine barrels, etc, growing even more. I can see how you'd have enough left over to sell! I usually have enough to share with neighbors and friends and some left over for freezing.

My biggest pest problems are rabbits and mice. The field mice are ruining ~5 plums a night off of my mini-plum tree and they pretty well destroyed my apple crop (my mini tree produced ~30 apples). I don't have enough to share with the little buggars! I've netted the trees and put fencing around, but somehow they're still getting in. Fortunately, they haven't found a way into the tomato field!

Thanks for the reply! Blessings to you as well...