Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back Home

Well, just wanted to let everyone know that we just got back from Florida. Our family has been saving up for a trip to Disney for over two years, and we went last week. We had a wonderful trip, and the Lord blessed us with safety and a good time!
Iffen you would like to see some photos of our trip, just go here-- www.lifeondirtroad.blogspot.com

Now, when you get a family that is all excited, there are things said that are funny, ridiculous, foolish, senseless, or downright crazy. So it was with us.
Now some of these were much funnier at the time, but here are a few---

"They really salt these French fries. That's how they kill em'."
--Coley upon eating some very salty fries

"I went in the water, all the way around, and didn't even drown!"
--Makayla upon getting out of the swimming pool.

"It gets cheaper as the price goes up."
--Josh upon discussing how many jelly beans to buy

"It tasted like our bathtub smells."
--Josh talking about the drinking water

"Oh look! Homeschoolers!!
--Daddy upon seeing a school of fish in an aquarium

One thing that made me and Mama crack up was when one of the Disney cast members looked at me and said
"Hey! There's Pocahontas!"

And the one that just made the trip worthwhile----

Daddy--"Those bears are drowning."
Josh--" They deserve it."

They were discussing the gummy bears left over in a melted ice cream.

Well, I got a kick out of 'em anyway.