Friday, January 9, 2009

A Little Child's Way

Makayla was just getting out of the tub.

'Jess, c'mere and look, thar's water on the floor.'

Now, we are very careful about not getting any water on the floor, because we recently had new hardwood floors put in, so she was concerned. I came in, and she pointed back behind the toliet.


I looked closer, and it was just from condensation that had formed on the pipes, and a little had dripped on the floor. I told her it was fine, took a towel, and dried it up.

Well, being a homeschooler, she knew about condensation, and being a Southerner, she knows about humidity. So this is what she said trying to combine both words.

'Must just be humiliation.'

I just walked out of the room with a big smile.

Oh the joy of little siblings!


Bria said...

ROTF!!! That is so cute! Sounds like something my siblings would do. They are such a joy!!!

Jess said...

And she was so sincere too... :)
Bless her heart!