Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kart Racing or Bumper Cars?

For all of you who don't know, my wonderful brother Joshua started racing karts this year. It is something he has really been wanting to do, and the Lord blessed him with that opportunity this year. He races a clone engine down at the track in Barnesville. Yesterday there was an Enduro clone race planned and he was really looking forward to it. An Enduro lasts for one hour and he has to make two pit stops during that time. My Daddy, Grandad, and one of Josh's good friends made up his pit crew. After the Enduro, they still had qualifying, heat races, and the main event race to do.

OK. Josh has done extremely well this year and has won many races. So after yesterday this is what I was planning on posting about...

Well folks, he has done it again, looks like he has another trophy to his name....

He did very well yesterday and had no injuries, and his sister(me), restrained herself from hurting the guy who spun him out. But above all, he did great, and all the guys at the track are in great awe at this fabulous racer.

Then I envisioned posting pictures of his race, then one of me and him after the race...

But, I decided it would be rude to take photos of the ambulance that came to get him.

This is how it happened--

First came the Enduro race, after he had made the first pit stop, there was a few who spun out on the "s" turns, well he didn't see this on account that his pit crew were jumping up and down trying to warn him of the wreck. Well, he was so busy looking at them and wondering why they were behaving in such a way that ...SMACK! He ran right into one of the guys who had stopped. Me and Mama, his photographer and videographer, were shocked. It looked like his neck snapped. But no, we just were too worried,he kept on going and finished the Enduro race. He was sore, but he was still planning on doing the other races. He loves racing too much to give up yet.
He didn't win that one, he came in 14th out of 20, but I said that I didn't care, after that hard hit and not giving up, I believe he won the endurance part hands down.

Then came the heat race. He was leading really well the first two laps, but then he spun out. This cost him a little bit of time and so he did not win that one. But that's OK, we still have the main race to go.

Oh yeah, the main race went beautiful. Josh was in the lead for a few laps, but then his opponent overtook him on the back stretch. Josh was fixing to get back his lead when his opponent spun and stopped dead on the first turn. Josh had no time to think, so he tried to turn to avoid him, only to smack him side to side. This was a HARD hit. I hollared. His opponent was fine and started racing again. But Josh, no. He raised his hand pitifully and was slouched in his seat. We all went running to him and so did the EMS. They had to call an ambulance. There was the sweetest little boy there, he was crying and very worried. He kept on saying "I can't believe this is happening, this kid never wrecks." The men got him out of his kart and had him sit down. The seat of his kart had a crack in it where his hip had went "bang" against it. He was turning colors and they loaded him up on the stretcher. So off we went to Spaulding Regional Hospital. Keep in mind that we are more than two hours from home.

While he was in route to the hospital, we had to load up his kart and all his racing stuff,including tool boxes, tires, and a canopy. Before we knew it, it was completely loaded by the wonderful folks at the track. They were very worried and extremely helpful. This enabled us to get to the hospital sooner.

So off we go. We wait...and wait...and wait. They finally get him into x-ray and see nothing broken. Praise the Lord!! He is just very bruised and will be very sore.

On a lighter note, we saw many interesting things in the waiting room at the hospital. This included a man whose wheelchair was falling apart, an unruly kid who was terrified of doctors, and a drunk who was wearing fuzzy camo slippers.

Anyway, we took the long drive home and really hit the sack when we got there.

Please be in prayer for Josh, that he won't be too sore and that he will be able to race in two weeks. I have complete confidence that after this next race, I'll have a win to post about!!

Here are a few photos of the day. Of course, before his crash.
He is the red and black #75.


Julia said...

Hi Jess,

Great blog! :) I also live in the South, and I reckon it's a mighty fine place to live. :D Actually, I was raised in Florida by "yankee" parents and now I live in Georgia, a-doin my best to rid me of my northern ways. :) I noticed you 'a-follerin' my blog and thought I'd drop by to say howdy. :)

I'm so sorry your brother got banged up, and I hope he recovers quickly! :)

Julia from Julia's Journal

Jess said...

Thanks so much!!

You bet the South is mighty fine!!
I have a friend who lives in Texas but she also has Yankee parents. She is always saying "I wasn't born in the South, but I got here as fast as I could." :)

Which part of Georgia do yall live in?

Thanks for commenting and I'll let my brother know that he's got folks thinkin' about him. :)

Steve said...

Glad Josh is ok and a great story.Maybe next year if your interested we could get you to write a race report that the club could hand out.

Steve & Case

Jess said...


That might be fun!!