Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Someone Get Onto Me, Please.

I am very bad. I currently have 11 quilts I have started but have not finished.
I love making the tops of quilts, but have a hard time enjoying the binding and quilting part.
I am aiming to get these done before next year, however.

Here are a few:
The pictures are not great, but oh well.

This is a simple star pattern. I have a lot of tops made by this pattern.

This is just a simple one I made from scraps.

This is my favorite. It is an "Around the World" baby quilt. Once this one is done I'll put it in my hope chest.

I know, I need to get busy. I have a sampler quilt that I have been working on since 2005!! Of course, that one is all done by hand, but still, it's about time I get it done.


Bria said...

Oh I stop and start quilts all the time! You are MUCH better at quilting than I am. I mainly sew clothes and I am working on designing my own pattern. Keep up the good work!

Jess said...

Thanks for the comment!!

That's funny, I can hardly sew clothes! I can do skirts, but get so confused with other patterns.
I would love to see your pattern!!!

Why is it so hard to finish a quilt once it is started??

Thanks again!!

Bria said...

I am just starting on the pattern. When I have completed it, it will be a Medieval dress pattern. I can never find a modest non-cheesy Medieval dress.
I think when we start quilts, we get all ispired to make a bunch of them; and then find something else and drop quilts. At least thats how it is for me.

Jess said...

Your pattern sounds really nice.

Yep. You're right.
Hopefully soon, though, I'll have a completed quilt to post about. :)