Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Rain, Rain," the People Prayed

That's right folks. It ain't too common for us to get much rain here in October, but the Lord has blessed us! We needed rain like a dog in the woods needs Frontline. If people had been praying for rain then it would have come sooner. But noooo, people do not even think about asking the Lord to pour out His sweet blessing. There are a few who do ask,(praise Him for that!), but many do not even believe He is responsible for this. How saddening. But I am so thankful He decided to pour it on us yesterday, it was wonderful to see it comin' down on everything. And how beautiful!!


I saw God wash the world last night
With His sweet showers on high;
And then when morning came
I saw him hang it out to dry.

He washed each slender blade of grass
And every trembling tree;
He flung his showers against the hills
And swept the rolling sea.

The white rose is a deeper white;
The red, a richer red
Since God washed every fragrant face
And put them all to bed.

There's not a bird, there's not a bee
That wings along the way,
But is a cleaner bird and bee
Than it was yesterday.

I saw God wash the world last night;
Ah, would He had washed me
As clean of all my dust and dirt
As that old white birch tree!

--William Stidger


Ami said...

I love your "writing voice!" I reckon ya'll have made me want to be a dixie farm girl!

Shonda said...

I could post a comment on every single entry, but I'll just some it up with one: I love your blog! What a great writer you are! I love all the things you are interested in. You will be such an awesome wife and so well prepared, that's for sure!

Jess said...

Ya'll are too sweet!
Thanks so much for visiting!

Karen said...

You have a lovely blog.

I laughed that you call your chickens "the girls". My dh calls his that, too.

Keep up the good work-you have an enjoyable writing style.