Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pride and Joy

I could do a long post about our country, but since I'm tired and a lot of other folks will be doing that, I'll just tell a little about what we did today.

It was a pretty laid back morning...which is always nice. I snapped a whole mess of beans, made some homemade lip balm, and Mama and I put a bunch of eggplant in the dehydrator (post on that coming soon). Mama and Makayla made a raw blueberry pie (post coming soon), and then we all went to find somewhere that was going to shoot off some fireworks.

Me and Makayla

Mama and Coley

Daddy and...I don't know who that is...


Jenna said...

Happy 4th of July to you (late!). Yes, laid back mornings are always so nice and refreshing!


The Dischers said...

If that's a laid back morning, I wonder what a busy morning is :)

Sounds like you guys did a lot of neat things and had a great 4th! God bless your sweet family.

The Dischers