Monday, July 13, 2009

Miracle Grow---Nothin' !

Daddy and I got home from the music barn Saturday night and came home to our usual counter-full of squash. Well, I had just picked some more that very day, but apparently, I had missed one. Sqaush are very good at hiding themselves from the one harvesting, ya know. Anyway, Mama had been outside playing with Coley and Makayla that evening, while Daddy and I were away grinnin' to some pickin', and had accidentally come across this monster.

That is one of those Israeli varieties I tried this year. They ain't supposed to get that big, though! They usually get a little bigger than Zuchinni, but hey, this guy thought otherwise. I just can't believe I hadn't noticed it!

No, my squash plants aren't on steroids. Just good ol' TLC and compost!


Cora Beth said...

If coveting weren't a sin, I'd be jealous of your squash! We are just now getting to the point of getting Zucchini big enough to eat here in North Dakota, and I'm so looking forward to fried zucchini; zucchini bread; zucchini fritters; zucchini in casseroles; etc... :)

The Dischers said...

That's some squash! Mr. Nezzar maybe? :)

Good job, Jess!

The Dischers