Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back Home and a few Squarsh Things....

Well, we have returned from that great state that first seceded and shooo-weeee!

We had so much fun!! We swam and rode bikes and saw gators and rode bikes and swam and rode in a boat and "clumb" a lighthouse and I found a million sand dollars and we swam. Ohhhh, we had such a great time. Why is the beach so much fun?

We were sad to leave, but we were glad to get back home. Anyway, I will have some pictures or a slideshow or sumthin' up soon, but til then, take a look at what has been goin' on in my garden.

Jalapenos. Too bad I do not like them. Daddy says I grow 'em extra hot. I dunno... they're always hot. Too hot. :)

Craziness. WHAT are these? I did NOT plant anything that was supposed to turn out this way. I found these growing on my squash vines, but they ain't no pattipan or zuchinni. They look kinda like my spaghetti squash last year, but not quite. The Lord may have blessed me with a green thumb, I dunno, but I do know I am no aspiring biology professor or nuthin' did this happen? Did my squash plants cross-pollinate, producing a "mutt" squash? That be the only thang I can figger. Iffen any of you know, please pass on the knowledge. Did I just grow an alien squash or something? Craziness.

Last but not least....
My handsome army of butternuts. Yumminess.

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