Monday, December 28, 2009

Heirloom Seed Source

The other day I was browsing the internet looking for an heirloom seed source, because in the midst of all my garden planning, I decided on planting all heirlooms rather than all organic.

Well folks, I am so excited. In my browsing I found a wonderful company called Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

I ordered their free catalog.

I got it and, man! Shooooo-weeee! I threw my other catalogs away. All I needed was this one.

I placed my order yesterday and am excitedly awaiting the arrival of those precious seeds!

I only ordered my "direct sow" seeds from them, however, since I decided not to start anything indoors this year, due to the accident. That is very sad, but I have located a nursery not too far from us that starts and sells their own heirloom maters. So I'm good.

Anyway, let me give a link to Baker Creek's website...

All right ya'll, bye now, I'm going to go look through my catalog again....


Sarah said...

Yes. Baker Creek is an excellent heirloom seed resource!! All of our heirloom seeds are from them.
I just received my catalog and am shocked that its free, its such a great catalog!!
We are also thrilled that our new Missouri home is less than an hour from Baker Creek! We hope to visit some of their events.:)

I look forward to 'hearing' how your heirloom gardening goes.

God Bless!!

Sarah Discher

Anonymous said...

How exciting, bring the catalog New Years day and show me what you ordered. Is it the same catalog you showed me Christmas day?