Thursday, December 17, 2009

Almonds, Anyone?

Surely you all know how hard TRULY RAW almonds are to come by. If you know this then you also know that any good almonds you do find are outrageously expensive. You end up paying a large amount of hard-earned cash on a few ounces of almonds that probably aren't even truly raw.

Well, let me tell you how our family was blessed with almonds (and a few other items) this month.

Mama has connections with someone who has friends who own a very large farm in Californy. They were offering a HUGE (I'm talkin' huge) deal on TRULY RAW almonds. She took advantage of the situation.

There was one catch, however. You had to order a minimum of 200lbs at a time. Well, we love our almonds, but....however big the discount was, that was still a lot at one time.

So Mama began contacting folks we know and started asking if they would like to order some as well. Needless to say, we placed an order for a whole mess a' almonds and when they finally arrived, Mama and I got to have some fun!

Each person ordered a different amount, ranging from 30 lbs to 3 lbs, so we got to weigh each bag and sort them all out. It was a lot of fun, actiually.

Here are some already weighed and ready to go to their new homes. :)

But wait, that ain't all!! There was also a HUGE deal on RAW honey. (I mean, like, 100% better than Breadbeckers deal on honey.)
This is like striking gold! We we're so excited!

Just look at that... Like I said, pure gold.

That still ain't all.
Cashews!! Another HUGE deal!

Back to weighin' and sortin' again!

Sorry folks, but that still ain't all! Do any of ya'll know about chia? Well, Mama does, and she LOVES it! You can throw it in your green smoothies and Mama makes a raw "pudding" out of it. Anyway, she was outrageously happy to get this deal on her chia seeds. It was really a huge blessing!


Dilvîn said...

Wow! that's alot of almonds! I like to eat those by the handful. :)
Yum! honey! there's nothin' yummier than a thick slice of good homemade bread with a bunch of peanut butter and honey on it!

Jenna said...

We use SO much honey, you wouldn't believe it!! Buying in bulk is often the way to go - good job on your special discount finds:)

Johann Van De Leeuw said...

Blessings indeed.
What is chia?

Johann Van De Leeuw said...

Sorry to comment again, when I could've put this on my prior comment. Do you have the music for the song on the sidebar? It's a splendid song.

Jess said...

Dilvin, you are so right! Thanks for the comment!!!!

Thanks Bria! I hope your family gets to feelin' better!

Johann, chia is a seed that is jam-packed with nutrients! In fact, some say it is healthier than flax seed.

The Homespun Dress actually goes to the tune of The Bonnie Blue Flag.

Johann Van De Leeuw said...

Oho, thank you!
I wish y'all a blessed Christmas in our Lord Jesus Christ!

Anonymous said...

If you don't mind sharing, where did you buy the almonds and honey and the chia? We love to make almond milk and I have recently been reading up on chia-sounds like what I need!