Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Baking

The morning came and we were excited! Why? Because we were going to bake--all day. We always set aside one day during December to simply listen to Christmas music and bake. It is one day we actually indulge in food that is not all-natural. So right now we are kinda suffering the consequences of licking chocolate covered spoons and bowls. But we had fun! We tried to cut back some this year, but we still ended up making quite a bit. Josh made the delicious no-bake cookies, I made the peppermint bark, tried my hand at some oreo bark, and Mama made the haystacks and chocolate pretzels. Coley and Makayla helped too, of course. But while we complain about how sick we are now of chocolate, I hope you enjoy these photos. :)


Word Warrior said...
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Bria said...

How sweet! I love to bake things. Especially when guests come over for Christmas. Sorry for the deleated comment! I accidently posted under my moms name.

Jess said...

Thanks! We are so sick of chocolate now. That's okay, we'll want some more come tomorrow. :)