Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Little Heritage

I have just recently become infatuated with geneology. Well, I always have been, but I've never done anything about it. That is, until I discovered I have only researched the Terry side of our family so far, so I still have a LONG way to go. Here are some things I've discovered.


Here is a basic--very basic-- family tree--

My mother-Catherine Lynn
--Her mother-Martha Anne
---Her mother-Jo Alice
----Her father-Ollie Bryant (Black Ollie) Terry
-----His father-Joseph Robert ("Black Joe") Terry
------His father-John Toby Terry(1823)
-------His father-Elisha Terry(1785)

Elisha was the brother of Henderson Terry- the first Terry to arrive in Lawerence Co. Alabama.

Ok, not too remarkable because that by no means covers hardly any of the Terry's. I don't know how to format a tree properly on this page, so this will have to do.

Something interesting to note: Joseph Robert, my gr-gr-great grandfather was nick named "Black Joe" because of his dark hair and whiskers. Same thing with Ollie Terry.

"Black Joe"--Joseph Robert Terry

Now here are some REALLY exciting findings--

So far, with the minimal amount of research I've done, I have already found six of our Terry's that fought for the Confederacy.

--Henderson Terry (the fifth son of the first Henderson)
Private in the 5th Alabama Cavalry

--Stephen Coleman Terry (my gr-gr-great uncle)
Private in the 5th Alabama Cavalry

--William Terry
Private in the 5th Alabama Cavalry

--Stephen F. ("One-Armed") Terry
Corporal in the 5th Alabama Cavalry

--Edward Henry Terry
Private in the 16th Alabama Infantry

--Elijah L. Terry-(My gr-gr-great uncle).

I was so excited!! And this is only a few Terry's! I still have the Cook's, Carlin's, Warren's, Reaves's, Cole's, and Pierce's to research. I know I have more in North Carolina, Georgia, and possibly Tennessee. I am having so much fun! Hopefully soon I'll know of a better way to post a proper tree that includes a good deal more people. By then I'll have found more Confederate veterans!! Oh my! What if I have Yankees somewhere back there? That's when I'll cry.



Bria said...

I have too! And I went to but still have yet to find a single trace of my ancestors. Neat that you found yours though.

Jess said...

Yes. Now I can't stop searching!
I've kind of hit a road block on one side of the family, though. I just need more dates and middle names. I hope you can find yours--don't give up. Try some other free search engines and try to find old census records.

Taylor said...

I just read this post! How interesting! I love finding out about family history and such!
I am going to try ours right now!

Stephen Boyd said...

Wow! This is great!

As you probably know, those crossed cannon barrels mean that particular regiment captured a cannon battery. I would guess that they captured this battery at the battle of Chickamauga, in which two of my relatives participated.

It's a small world, especially in the South!

Jess said...


I'm not sure yet if it was at Chickamauga the battery was captured, but they were there. They were also at Shiloh, Perryville (held in reserve, not engaged), participated in the campaigns of the Army of Tennessee from Murfreesboro to Atlanta, moved with General Hood to Tennessee, then saw action in North Carolina. Took heavy losses at Jonesboro, then half of the remaining force was disabled at Franklin and Nashville.

That flag was captured by Pvt. Abraham Greenwalt of Co. G, 104th Ohio Infantry.

Mike said...

Looks like we are cousins!

It 's always great to meet family! We live in Charleston, SC. I noticed on your blog that you were in Hilton Head for a vacation. It's only about 2-hours away from where I live.

Here's my Terry line:

Michael Gene Terry (ME), son of
Grady Gene Terry, Son of
Grady Lee Terry, son of
Arthur Terry, son of
John Edward Terry, son of
John Tobe Terry

Do you have any documentation (sources) for Elisha Terry (1785) being the father of John Toby Terry? I haven't been able to tie them together yet.

Take care!