Saturday, November 22, 2008

Josh's Last Kart Race and...Old Grandmas?

All right! Josh's kart race (the last of this season) was today and we all took the trip down to Barnesville once again. He did not run his kart, however, because he is thinking of buying another one. He raced that one instead. He won the qualifying and the heat race, but he ended up coming in fourth in the main event race. BUT--he won the point standings and therefore won the championship for his class! We are soooo proud of him!

Oh yeah. Then I decided I wanted to try and ride his kart. So after all the races I put on his racing suit and hopped in his kart. That was an experience. Let me tell ya, it feels a lot faster than 10 mph. That kart is capable of going 35 mph, but I thought I would take it slow. Oh sure. I still managed to spin out a couple of times. I think I gave him a really good laugh. But see, there were other people on the track that were going their full speed, and I about got slammed more than once. Bless their hearts, they were probably getting irritated with me. But c'mon folks, I'm just a hayseed havin' a little fun. Even if that means goin' as slow as an old grandma, as Josh's friend referred to me as. Ya see, I don't think I have a bright future as a kart racer, I'll just leave it to my amazing brother. Yeah, I'll just stick to goats and the fiddle.

We had such a good time!!

Me and Mak--at this point we were nearly freezing.

Mama, Coley, Makayla, and Case (one of Josh's racing friends)


Bria said...

LOL! That is too funny! I just can't picture a country gal like you in a fancy racing outfit. You are so beautiful!

Jess said...

It was soooo funny seein' me in a racin' outfit! Especially since it was 2 sizes too big. :) Oh, and the exhaust pipe ended up burning a hole in the sleeve. Poor Josh wasn't too happy about that. You're too sweet. Mama videotaped it, but we can't download videos from that particular camera. Hopefully I'll figure out how so you can see it and have a good laugh. :) It was hilarious. But I don't mind spinnin' out, it's kinda fun, even if I was only goin' 10 mph. :)