Saturday, January 21, 2012

Even an Old Chair

I had completely gutted my room. And when I say "gutted", I mean, in every sense of that word. Stuff was all over my bed, my floor, I had a big trashbag full of nothin' but junk. My head was beginning to hurt. Every drawer had been emptied, re-organized, and put back together. Every corner was dusted. My closet, oh my closet. It was straightened up. All my clothes were in perfect order.....skirts, shirts, jeans, exercise clothes....very good. My desk was cleared off, my papers & notebooks put in proper places. I don't know exactly what sparked the desire for me to revamp my living quarters, but, being the passionate person I am....well, it got 'hold of me and didn't let go until I was done. It took two evenings for me to completely finish it. When I got done with this rather large undertaking, I realized that I needed a chair. I have a wonderful desk in my room that my talented Dedad built. I love that desk. However, I have always just pulled a chair in from the computer room when I wanted to sit at it. My poor desk was chairless. I looked at my newly happy room, and looked at my poor desk. Yeah, it was certain. No more computer chairs for that desk. He needed a constant companion. I have always loved antiques, and while looking upon this lonely desk, I envisioned the perfect old, rickety chair for it. This chair I saw in my mind, I have seen many times at different antique stores and such. It would look perfect. As my thought process goes, I began considering when I could get to an antique store to look for it. I needed to go to Athens for a few errands on Friday....maybe I could stop by that little antique store...oh where is it?....oh yeah, right off of 78....little ways down on Atlanta Highway.....hmmm...but then again....IF I happen to find my would be much too expensive I am sure....that store probably does charge high prices....well, then again, it's not hurting anything to take a look....and if it's no more than...say...twenty bucks..then I'd buy it. Yep I'm going. I'll take a chance. I pulled into the drive of the antique store. I swung my legs out of my old Chevy and made my way to the door. Whoa. Why had I never been here before!? Spread out before me was a huge warehouse with nothing but antiques. I was in heaven. I contained the squeal of delight that attempted to make it's way into the dimly lit store. Whoa. I began slowly perusing the different booths; absolutely inhaling the beauty of some of those items. I came to the third or fourth booth. Whoa. What's that? Whoa. There it is. That's exactly what I had in mind. That's totally my chair! I hunted for the price tag. $20.00 $200? NO. $20. Seriously? Whoa. That is my chair! I gently took off the plates and dishcloths that made their temporary homes on my chair and swiftly took it to the check-out counter. I really, really felt like squealing. I truly felt like my Father was smiling at me. He thought He would send me a simple blessing that day. I really felt special. It made me so happy. Maybe it's silly to be so giddy over an old chair. Well, I am. But even more than that old chair, I am so happy to know that my True Lover thinks of me so often. That He would delight in giving me a special gift like that. Even an old chair.
I think it looks gorgeous.


Alison said...

oooh! It's lovely! Where did you find it? Was it Factory Antiques in Statham? I found a great old trunk and bedside table there once.

nana and dedad said...

Ahhhh, what a fun post!!!! The chair looks great!!!! and so does your room!!!!
love you,
Nana and Dedad

BetsyBoo said...

Hi Jess! This is Betsy. I just started following your blog and I love it! I really like your earing idea too!