Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DIY: earring holder

I love my earrings. I have one favorite necklace that I wear all the time (it was my great-grandmother's), I have a special bracelet my sister gave me, and of course my promise ring. I'm good with that. But earrings, I believe, you can never have enough of. There are just too many. So many different kinds and styles. I am very picky about mine, and yet I still have a wide assortment. And each set has a story. I know where each pair came from. It's the truth. I just love my earrings. =) I had a problem though. I had so many crammed into one tiny dish on my dresser, that it took me forever to find the matches sometimes. I decided I needed some kind of earring holder or jewelry tree or something... I searched online for something.....I checked Anthropologie (which they did have some nice ones!), and a few other sources. I just didn't feel like paying a whole bunch of money for something so doggone simple. I logged onto Pinterest and searched for ideas..... I got some. =) I could have made several different types, but I finally settled on the simplest, and continued in my endeavors. I went to wally world and bought a cheap frame, along with a spool of some cream-colored, cotton lace from the craft department. I got home, took my goods to my brother's shed, and set to work. Gutted the frame to where I just had the wooden part, and simply nailed the strands of lace where I wanted them to go. Super easy and fun. Of course, the best part was when my sister and I got to place all of my neat pairs in their places on the holder. Looks real purty, I think. =)
Well girls, what are you waiting for? Go get to work on one! I promise you will love it! =)


Nana said...

Way to go!!!!!and good job too!!!!
Love you,

Hannah said...

That is such a neat idea!!!! Very pretty..... I LOVE your blog!


Faith said...

I love this blog!!
Please look at mine too. http://bffberard.blogspot.com/

Jess said...

Thanks ladies!! =) It was fun! :)