Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Garden Update =)

Just a quick garden update before May ends! Haha!! I apologize for not posting near as often as I should. You all can blame it on Chick-fil-a. ;)
Naw, but in all seriousness, these past two months have been wonderful. Crazy busy, but wonderful. The sunshine has been glorious, wouldn't ya'll agree? And I just love this warm weather. It makes me happy. Everything is green, the trees are in their full foilage, critters are everywhere, the night critters strike up an amazing jam session every evening, and the sweet smell of honeysuckle fills the warm air. I like it. Yep, it makes me happy. =)

My garden here on our land is doing really well. Everything seems to be thriving (except my eggplants--rude flea beetles!) and I am getting even more excited as the season progresses. However, I am embarassingly behind in garden work over at Darby Farms, and am currently overwhelmed. :P HA!
Yes I know I am working a full time daytime job and everyone told me it would be a challenge to keep with everything that's on my plate, and they were right; I knew they would be right, but I am not giving up. This is a season, and it will get done. It will just take a little sweat and even more patience. And the Lord is really teaching me Patience. And how to "enjoy the journey". And you know what? I am enjoying the journey. Immensely. I knew this was going to be a good Summer. No, I knew it was somehow going to be a great Summer....and I still know that in my heart, in my bones, in my spirit. I am excited. I am looking forward to journeying to where the Lord wants me. The journey has begun and I am enjoying it in more ways than one. And that....that, makes me happy. :)

Here are a few pictures of some happy green things a growin' round here! =)


nana and dedad said...

You make me smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you!!!!!!!!!!
nana and dedad

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