Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Seeds, Dirt, Sun, and Joy!

It's here folks. I can really feel it. I love it. Sringtime is simply wonderful. For the person who is on the agrarian path it is indeed a busy time of year (indeed!), but it is so very worth it.

The other day after putting in a full day's work outside, I just couldn't sit still. I wanted to run, and leap for joy. I was so excited, and so completely happy. I had spent the day outside, in the sweet sunshine, with a wonderful friend and a lovely sister, and had worked hard. There is nothing to compare with that feeling. I had just put in so many seeds, and could just imagine how everything would look by June or July. And too, there's just something about putting a seed in the ground, covering it, and bidding it to be sure and grow strong. And then, soon enough it will germinate. And soon thereafter, it will be a big ol' squash plant, or stalk of okra, or whatever. And then soon after that, it will begin bearing fruit. Just going down a row, gently touching the dirt, carefully placing the seeds in their places--well, it's just something that cain't be explained. It's a happy thing.

I still have a half acre to finish, so there is still a lot of work left to be done. I can hardly wait though, and I will be sure and post pictures of that adventure when it comes.

I love the sun. And it sure has been exceedingly lovely lately. I love how it gives warmth and energy. I love the way it shines on the plants and the grass; and through the trees, dappling the ground beneath.

I love the dirt. I love working in it. I love getting my hands dirty and getting those plants or seeds off to a good start.

And I love the joy that comes from doing so.

I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely week!

Mak and Elisha sure were a great help to me!

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