Sunday, January 2, 2011

Startin' off the new year with a new friend :)

Sooooo I have been searching and searching for a new vehicle. I have been praying for one too. Little did I know my prayers would be answered so quickly. AND, that the answer would be beyond my wildest dreams. So, I would like to introduce ya'll to my brand spankin' new friend...from 1985......=)

Ain't he the most handsome Chevy you ever did see!!! Maybe I am slightly biased, but let me just say that I am quite smitten. =)

Yep, I am a very happy gal... :)


LoLo said...

LOVE IT!! So excited for you and so glad you are so happy!! :)

Elisha said...

Can I take it for a spin???

Anonymous said...

Jess, Sharp looking truck! I'm a truck gal also. Came over to your blog to wish you an early Happy Birthday.

Lizabeth Weber

Jess said...

Thanks for the comments gals!! =)
Ya'll make me smile. :)

Thanks Mrs. Weber!

Taeler said...


I love Chevy trucks. They are dependable and American! well, the older ones are anyway. Way to go Jess!

Morgan said...

Oh wow! :) Enjoy it!


nana and dedad said...

We love the fits you perfectly!!!!!!
Happy birthday to our beautiful and wonderful grand-daughter!!!!
Love you,
Nana and Dedad