Sunday, January 23, 2011

Garden Planning and much excitement!!

It's that time of year. Yep, it's freezing cold outside, you have no choice but to put on shoes and socks, and all you can think 'bout is fresh, juicy maters. Yet they are not there. Nope. The garden plot is covered in a layer of mulch and compost and waits for the Spring.

So, what is a die-hard Georgian who loves to garden to do? Well, plan for Spring of course. And I dunno about all of ya'll, but I thoroughly enjoy this part of the process pretty well. I always do.

So what exactly does that involve for me?

First off, it would involve seed catalogs!! I receive several every year, but this year, I ordered exclusively from Baker Creek and Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, and all I can say is that I am extremely pleased. :)

Second, I would have to say that re-learning is part of the process. I gather all of my garden books together and start reading as if I am new to gardening again. Although you will read lots and lots that you already know, trust me, you will gain more knowledge by doing this. So re-read and re-read! :)

The next thing I do is draw diagrams of my garden and where I will put what. I strongly believe in companion planting, and so you must make sure your plants are next to their good friends!
A few good links to look at are as follows:

Now, I have some very exciting news. Not only will I be doing my garden here at home, but Daniel and Jeni of Darby Farms have given me the opportunity to grow and manage a garden on their property as well. I cain't even begin to express my excited state of excited-ness!! It is probably four or five times the size of my own, so it will give me many new possibilities. I will have room for so many new things, and too, I will be selling at two Farmers markets this year. Can you say EXCITEMENT! The Lord is really opening all kinds of doors for me, and I am so thankful for all these opportunities!

Jess is excited. And she hasn't even had any caffeine. Nope, for some reason, anything pertaining to agriculture or horticulture has the same (if not better) effect on me. Ohhhhh sweet Springtime, I am so looking forward to your arrival!

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Hannah said...

We bought our seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds as well!!!!! We're hoping to save some of the seeds this year. We're busy learning about that right now.