Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I have a friend...

who is quite a person. She has loved me from the very beginning, and even before that. There is never a day that passes where I am not aware of this love.

This friend has a smile that can light up the state of Georgia, and I am blessed to see this smile multiple times a day. She is the epitome of a joyful woman, and has taught me so much.

She loves the Lord, and teaches her children to serve Him.

I am truly blessed to have a friend such as this, but I am blessed even more because I get to call her Mama.

Me, Makayla, my wonderful Mama, and wonderful Nana.

Mama with her handsome sons. :)

We tried to get a picture together, but DeDad promptly interrupted that plan. :P

If you love your Mama, be sure to tell her so. If you are blessed by her, be sure to hug her tightly. If you are the recipient of a beautiful smile every day, then return that smile. Mothers are indeed a blessing, and mine is my best friend!!


nana said...

You made me cry, that was so so sweet what you wrote about Mommy!!!!
Loved the pictures!!!!
Love you bunches!!!!
Nana and Dedad

Jess said...

And every word is true. :)

I have a wonderful Mommy and a wonderful Nana!!!!!!!

I love ya'll sooooo much!!! <3