Saturday, May 1, 2010

Camo Buckets and Pill Bugs

I reckon it's a well-known fact by now that I am crazy. But when it comes to gardening and seedlings of the nightshade family, I am extremely crazy. Mama knows. Oh she knows. She knows it's dangerous to take me to a plant nursery. She knows if we go to Wally World, we must positively walk through the garden section or I may actually have a panic attack. And Lord have mercy, if we see some pretty mater seedlings, then that's it. I am in a state of complete bliss. I am uncontrollable. (Next year I am going back to starting all of my seedlings myself, to help with my fetish. Help, but I am certain it will not cure it. ;)

So what is so uncontrollable about it all? Well, considering I have a rather small garden, my aspirations always come out much larger than the amount of tilled earth.

Example: I probably only have enough room in my garden for about 18 pepper plants. I am now the proud Mama of over 50 pepper plants! This means that I have tried to get creative and find places for them all.
I already broke ALL rules when it comes to spacing. I have already used all of my raised beds, and I have already used all the buckets and pots in my possession.
I was in a predicament.

So Mama and I went to Wal-Mart to look at buying some more pots.
"Shooo-weee!! Those are mighty expensive pieces of plastic." I was distraught, and even had a conversation with another lady looking at the pots. She agreed. Mighty expensve.

I had already thought about using 5-gallon buckets, but I didn't have any available, and was kinda hoping for something slightly more attractive, but hey, they would certainly work.

So we headed over to where they kept their 5-gallon buckets. There they were. White. Green. Blue. Camo.

"Camo?! Camo buckets! That's awesome."

The rest is history. Nestled in some good compost in their little camo buckets are some very happy pepper plants.

Now I don't know about you, but I believe "roly polies" are a necessary part of childhood. While I was out planting today, I was able to watch and listen to little Makayla as she played and talked to these little creatures. That made my day so special. I remember when I was her age and I was playing with pill bugs (and salamanders and tadpoles and lizards and turtles and frogs and any other critter I could get my hands on) and that made me stop and think, Man! Time really does fly!

Well, that's about all. Tomorrow I gotta call the neighbors and find out if it's okay for me to plant my five other mater plants on the property line. That's the only other place I got left. And unfortunately, those camo buckets ain't big enough for maters.


nana and dedad said...

Dedad and I have a great idea, you need to get a job at a plant nursury. You would be great and I bet you would sell a bunch. Someting to ponder.
love you,
nana and dedad

Proverbs 31 said...

Jess, I know I told you last night, but I thought you might need a reminder...YOUR A NUT...Noel said next time you and your mom go to Wally World for your mom to put a blindfold on you, although knowing you, you could smell'em and you'd still go cRaZy :P LOL!!!! I LOVE YOU LOTS and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE CAMO BUCKETS!!!!

marie said...

Jess, I love those camo buckets ever farm girl needs her share of camo buckets. Hey, I think I need some, watch ouy Wally World!!! Barefoot Farmgirl