Monday, March 2, 2009


When Georgia gets snow, there is excitement. There are snowball fights, power outages, and whole cities just plumb shutting down. Little did we know that we'd end up with that much snow. Oh my was there snow. We have no TV so we didn't watch the news, but heard on the radio it was coming. But hey, we got snow last year, so didn't think we'd get all that much this year. But then it began falling. My did it fall. For several hours. And it just got bigger and faster and colder... I don't like cold weather, but I have to admit, this was gorgeous. I have never seen that much snow--ever. It was so pure. We just stood watching it fall.
The most snow I have seen was maybe three inches max---this was at least nine. I ain't kiddin'. So we all bundled up and headed outside.

It was so much fun!!! I only ended up falling down the snow laden steps of our porch I was content with that. Josh and I had a great idea, though, just listen. We do not own a single sled, so we thought we'd make our own. We took the top to one of my feed bins, tied some haystring around it, hooked a lead rope to that, and placed an empty feed bag on top of it. The idea was for me to sit on the feed bag on the lid, him take hold of the lead rope, and take off running. It was going to be a blast! But no, it didn't work. At all.

There is still a good deal of snow out there, so maybe we'll try again tomorrow. :)


Jenna said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed the snow:)
We've gotten so much snow this year, that I would be rather happy to not see anymore 'til next winter!! Maybe I should move to the south?!

God Bless You,

Jess said...

Snow is such a treat for us down here, but I think I would get tired of it after a few days or so. The South is indeed the place to be! You see, by the weekend we are supposed to get temps in the 70's!!

Ohh...about the award you kindly gave to me...I don't know how to get it, or how to link other folk's blogs like you did. I'm not quite as computer savvy as I would like to be.:) I may be able to get my brother to help me. We'll see.