Monday, March 30, 2009


I woke up, went out the door to the garage and was heading to feed the critters. It was about 6:40. As I was fixin to don my boots I heard that sweet, familiar cry--that of newborn kittens. I could hear that they were in the shelf/cabinet. I opened it up and found that it was Trixie and her new litter of five. She had not done a thorough job of cleaning them, so I got her box I had fixed for her and brought them inside. One of the kittens--a light gray tabby-- I thought was dead at first. I had just kind of put it to the side and was worrying about the ones that were alive. I got them situated and looked back to that cold, gray tabby. He mewed. And then moved. Well, I figured, he may die after all, but let me try just one thing. So I filled the sink a little with hot water and gently placed him in it, keeping his head out of the water of course. As he began warming up, he started moving and mewing really well. All right!! We were getting somewhere. I took him out, and began drying him and stimulating him with a towel. I am happy to say he is doing great now and is one of the most active of all.

Well, while all of this was going on, Trixie had another contraction and gave birth to yet another little one! So now she is the proud mother of six beautiful bitty kittens.

Now that they are inside, our dogs can't seem to get enough of them. Our Highland terrier, Zac, absolutely adores them. Our Yorkshire, Annie, is a little jealous, but still enjoys watching them.

Now, Trixie's sister, Dixie, is also expecting---I think she is in labor as I type --so I brought her inside so she could see her new nieces and nephews.

It has all been so beautiful. Even if you are not a cat person, you have to admit it is still remarkable. To me it is just a reminder of how beautiful life is. Any birth is a miracle.


Jenna said...

Those kittens are so sweet! Great idea to do a little video:)

The Dischers said...

Congratulations. Hae fun with them!

The Dischers

Jess said...

Thanks yall! We are so excited!