Saturday, June 18, 2011

Three Farmers Markets and Misc. Garden Ramblings...

I had every intention of posting about each Farmers Market as they occured; however, must I really explain that I have failed at doing so?

Let me fix that right quick. ;)

This year has brought me many new opportunities. One of those being the blessing of participating in a Farmers Market. The small and lovely town of Statham is about half an hour away from our town of Good Hope, and this is their first year holding a market. I was invited to be a grower, and like I said, it has been a true blessing.
Exhausting? You bet your boots. But it has been an adventure and I look forward to every single Market day. It has been so much fun meeting all sorts of nice people, and meeting folks with the same interests and passions about sustainability or homesteading or etc. It is refreshing and it is indeed something I am truly enjoying being a part of. I love it! I feel like it is a small step towards something much bigger and even more bountiful.

Here are some pictures from the last three markets that have taken place. Enjoy!

It has been fun so far, and I am excited to know that it will continue on until September!

As for my gardens, they are doing pretty well. I have been very blessed. Squash bugs have come to my squash plants, and a few rogue chickens have been enjoying a few of my cucumbers a little too much, but other than that things are looking good. Over at Darby Farms things are looking good as well, but I will do another post on that at a later date. Are any of you getting any ripe maters yet? I have gotten a few Yellow Pears and a few Romas, but I just can't wait to get my hands on a big ol' red Brandywine! Ah! Patience, Jessi, patience. That's what I keep having to tell myself. :)

Picked the first mess of okra yesterday. Picked some Giant Marconi Peppers. The other pepper plants are looking quite strong and robust. The soybeans have been harvested. The Melon plants are starting to run. The Zinnias seem to be celebrating a lovely first week of summer. The bush beans keep putting on new blooms. The catmint plants are almost up to my chest. Yeah, I think I will be a gardener for the rest of my days.

Here are some more pictures.

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nana and dedad said...

Thank you for the update on the market and getting to see pictures of the garden. As always you write the most interesting and fun post.
Love you bunches!!!!
nana and dedad