Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sew Much Fun!

Last week I was blessed to go and spend the week with my grandparents (Nana and Dedad) in Snellville. Nana and I got a lot of sewing done, Dedad loved my cinnamon rolls, and the chicken pot pie made with my great-great grandmother's recipe was astounding! Thank you Nana and Dedad for a wonderful week!! I had a blast and love you both so very much!


one of the skirts we made...

and another...

We made three of these matching tiered skirts. Makayla's is not pictured because it wasn't quite done.

I am blessed beyond measure for such wonderful grandparents!


Nana and Dedad said...

We had a blast too. Can't wait to do it again. We are so blessed too, and we love you so very much.
Love you sweetie,
Nana and Dedad

Bria said...

Those are very cute and feminine! It is such a blessing to have grandparents that love you and support your gifts.

Avie said...

Hey Girl!
What fun it looks/sounds like you had! Aren't grandparents great?!! The skirts look amazing! I envy the fact that you can do that, then look good in what you make!:)
Love ya,

Jess said...

Nana and Dedad: Thank you. But I still love ya'll more!!

Bria: Thanks! You are absolutely right!

Avie: We did have a grand ol' time! Thank you! But don't envy, I am sure you could do the same! Love ya!