Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Raw Pizza

I tried this yesterday and it was so very yummy. It wasn't hard to make at all, and I thought I'd share the recipe.

Raw Pizza Dough
1 lb almond meal
1/4 c water
Herbs of choice

To make the dough pour in 1/4 c water to start with. Add more as needed until the consistency dough is reached. I ended up using about 1/2 cup. Mix with a spoon or knead or whatever. Add as much salt or herbs as you see fit. I added oregano, basil, and a dash of garlic powder.

Now you knead and roll it out like a pizza crust and place it on your dehydrator tray.

I dehydrated it for about six hours.

In the meantime, I made a raw "Ricotta Cheese" to put on top.

Raw "Cheese"
1 c almonds (soaked)
1/2 c cashews
1 c water
1 tsp lemon juice
garlic if desired

Throw the almond and cashews in your food processor or high-falutin' blender, and blend until the desired consistency is reached. Add the water, salt, and lemon juice and blend a bit more. There ya go. It's best if you put in the refrigerator for a few hours. I actually took some baby carrots and dipped them in there, and that was very good. So this could actually double as a dip.

Well, this is what my "pizza" looked like once I was done. (This is the small one, it also made a big one) I added the raw "cheese", spinach leaves, sunflower seeds, and maters. The topping possibilities are endless! It was really, really yummy.

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Jenna said...

Wow, that's super healthy!! Maybe I'll try that sometime:)