Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh, What You Can Find..... a COMPOST pile!!

That's right. I had a little baby mango tree and a little baby avocado tree growing very contentedly right in my compost bin. Take a look.

Very cute mango plant.

Just look at that.

One more look.

A contented avocado plant.

Look at that.

I just thought this was so neat! I tend to be amused and excited by such things. Isn't that wild they just decided to up and grow.

I certainly know what is supposed to go into a compost bin, and I certainly know that the books recommend leaving out large, hard seeds, pits, and such, but c'mon....
If I hadn't thrown these guys in, I wouldn't have been able to see this really neat occurrence.

And besides, when do I go strictly by the books?

Hmmmm, maybe I'll have a pineapple tree soon....

(: (: (: (:


Bria said...

Wow, I didn't know mangoes could grow in America! I know, I found watermelon and tomato plants in our compost.

Anonymous said...

I told you you had a green thumb!
Love you,

Green Gardening Girl said...

So glad to hear from you! Hadn't heard from all you guys in a while!! How are you! BTW your profile does not show up on our blog. Are you following privately?

~Miss Zara~ said...

Hey Jess,
I haven't heard from you for weeks,I hope you are well my friend.
Love the photos
Please get in touch with me

Jess said...

I don't think they's supposed to! :) Little seedlings seem to like the conditions of compost piles, huh?

No, I'm just a spittin' image of Maw-Maw. :) I love you!

Green Gardenin' Girl:
I know, I am so sorry! We have been purty busy lately. I'm not sure about the profile thingamabob, I'll have to take a look. I am following.

I'm sorry, I hope you are doing well. How are things in Scotland?
Glad you like the photos. :)