Saturday, May 23, 2009

Garden Update

in photos...


Anonymous said...

can I borrow your green thumb? your garden looks awsome!!!!

The Dischers said...

Very nice garden! Are you having lots of rain like we are here in Florida? It sure does help the garden!

God Bless!
The Dischers

Jess said...

We are having loads of rain!
I am so thankful! Last year we were in a drought, so this is a very nice change! Saves on our water bill, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks great. We're a little ways behind you, but getting there! lol

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess!
Your garden is AMAZING!!! I wish I had the know how, time, and love for it like you do!! Would love to see it in person some time!!
Missed you at church Sunday! Hope to see you this Sunday! Can't beleive that we still haven't done a ride!
Love ya,

Jess said...

Howdy Avie!

Thanks so much. You are so sweet.
I will see ya Sunday!
Love ya!