Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Who Stole My Big Toe?

This is what happens when you wear flip flops around horses!! Let me tell ya my story---
A couple months ago, I rode my bike down the dirt road to feed Jewels. I knew it wouldn't take long , so I slipped on my flip flops. After I fed her, I was loving on her and she plopped her big ol' hoof right on top of my foot. My reaction was to push on her shoulder to get her to move the hoof off my toe. Well, instead of lifting her foot, she slid it off, uprooting my big toenail. I knew it hurt, but it was getting dark and I did not realize the state it was in until my flip lop filled up with blood. Then I looked down at it and said "Shooo-weee, I better get home!" So I hopped to my bike and rode back home to show Mama. She did what all Mamas should do, and took me to the ER. Daddy and my brothers did what alot of males do, and turned their head at the sight of all that blood. Bless their hearts. So off we go to Athens for the ER. We waited for several hours to finally be seen, and they proceeded to numb me up (quite painful, I might add) and then to clean my toe. Now, do you know how dirty the feet of a farm girl are? Not to mention we had gone to a pickin' at the Weber's house, I had played baseball BAREFOOT, looked for crawdads in the creek BAREFOOT, and played Davy Crockett in the woods with the boys BAREFOOT! So those folks got to see a pretty nasty foot and toe. Well, they took off what was left of the nail, cleaned it some more, and wrapped it up in supposedly non-stick gauze. The day after, I attempted to take off all of the bandaging, but it was stuck to the place my nail had been--and it hurt! So back to the doctor we went, they numbed me up again, and took off the bandage. This picture was taken after the bandage was taken off. It looks pretty good in that picture. It kinda looks like nail polish on it, but it ain't, cuz I don't paint my nails--nope--I leave that to 1200 lb horses.

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